Be it technical, educational or promotional we have all the skills, equipment and know how necessary to produce a film capable of delivering your message to the masses. We can help you with all aspects of the film production, from writing the script, to operating the cameras and taking care of all the post-production stages.
We have all the capability you need to produce a modern, stylish edit for delivery on your presentation, website, YouTube or DVD.


• Script lead
• Professional voice over artist
• Aerial film
• Time-lapse photography
• Documentary style edit
• Used for PR and promotional purposes
• A 12 month project capturing over 30 hours of footage used for a series of technical and promotional films


• Caption lead
• Low key edit for looping at shows and as a background in presentations
• Interest is held with visually rich camera angles and carefully scripted captions to reinforce corporate messages


• ideal for capturing medium to long term projects
• skillfully chosen camera angles for optimum coverage
• Can be edited and combined with 3D graphics and captions