All Point of Sale material must have impact.
We produce clean and clear design that will help your brochure get picked off the shelf first.
Brochures can be made in all shapes and sizes. From tri-fold to custom cut shapes, we will be able to design a brochure that fi ts your needs.


Adverts for press or point of sale need to be eye catching, clean and professional.

Our advert designs let your product or service stand out, without clutter or fillers.

Keeping the look and feel of your brand consistent across all of your media is crucial. Our brochure design services form part of an integrated brand development strategy that we provide our clients, taking the pressure off you
and letting us manage the look of your business.


All our logos are vector based, meaning they are crisp and sharp no matter what the size or format.

The process starts with a consultancy during which we gather ideas for the design direction and colour palette of your new logo based on your market, your product, your audience and your own personal tastes.

We take these ideas away and put them down in the form of an art board with several directions.

The final phases are the fine tuning of these ideas – gradually honing a logo that works for you.